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Tuttogusto ice cream combines artisan Italian quality and the safety of the best industrial production techniques.

Frigovicenza is constantly working hard on the production of Tuttogusto Gelato and Sorbetto Niù to please the tastes of its consumers, in full compliance with the directions of Food Science. Frigovicenza is a company with decades of experience in the production, marketing and distribution of fresh, frozen and deep-frozen products and in this day and age it is at its fourth generation.


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Our company has a keen interest in putting artisan satisfaction and manual skill in all the processing steps, up to the decoration of the Tuttogusto ice cream. For this reason Frigovicenza has chosen to fill the packages manually in order to offer its customers a creamy ice cream like the one of the ice cream parlor and what’s more, the decoration is made manually.


Laboratorio gelati

Ingredients subjected to constant inspections

Hygienically sanitized environments

Reliable manufacturing process

Lab test

Continuous improvement of food quality and food safety

Accurate inspections at all stages of the process: from design to delivery

FRIGOVICENZA has storage facilities with largecold rooms at a controlled and guaranteed temperature.

The new automated cold rooms of FRIGOVICENZA have compact shelving with multiple shelves that guarantee the integrity of the packages.

The loading / unloading of food products takes place in air-conditioned rooms that guarantee the integrity of the goods and ensure the continuity of the cold chain.

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Carico camion

Based on the work of professional technicians, FRIGOVICENZA offers its experience and expertise in the use of cold with targeted and safe solutions, signed with the seal of seriousness.

Ice cream Pizze Focacce

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